Saturday, August 23, 2008


As a seasoned Developer, I find that Java technologies are growing very fast. I don’t know about other technologies like .NET, Oracle, SAP, etc. I am pretty sure they are also growing, but I don’t know about their growing speed.

When I learn Java for the first time, I was using Java 1.4. I kept using it until I graduated from university. In my first job as Developer, my then project was using Java 1.4. At that time, Java 5 was still on beta version. One year had passed. I began to work in CSC Singapore. I was using various Java versions at that time due to I handled few projects at the same time. And… I was quite surprised when I suddenly heard that Java 5 had been released officially. I was, because I remembered I was using Java 1.3 at that time. I told to myself… OMG Java 5 is coming out and I am still here stuck with Java 1.3?? I really felt outdated. My situation hadn’t changed so much in one year after Java 5 was released. I remembered I was working in UOB, doing some bug-fixings and enhancements for a lousy client-server Swing application and … Java 6 was released!! I couldn’t believe it. I never even used Java 5 before and… now Java 6 has been released?? Thank God I could start to use Java 5 after I resigned from UOB. Although I used it only for a while, but at least I managed to put the experience on my resume.

Not only in Java Technology, I feel outdated in certifications area as well. As you know, I hold SCJP 1.4 and SCWCD 1.4, but now... SCJP 6 and SCWCD 5 have already been released! Don't ask me whether I'm interested to take the upgrade exam or not, but so far I am still satisfied with my 1.4 certificates.

As an IT guy who now wants to focus on his work, I am willing to put more certifications in my resume. I understand that certification is less important than real-world experience, but it would still be nice to have it. I am currently preparing for taking Sun Certification Business Component Developer (SCBCD) 5 exam. I feel that this certification, possibly, would be the last one I should take during my career as an Analyst/Developer. I am currently reading O'Reilly Enterprise JavaBeans 3 by Bill Burke. In addition, I read Mikalai Zaikin’s SCBCD 5 Exam Note (I am a fan of MZ Notes!). Unfortunately, quite different with my previous exams, I find so difficult to get some free mock exams online. I can only find the free mock exams from JavaBeat. Nevertheless, I'll try to get some other resources since I realized that in order to get a good score in certifications I must practice a lot and, not only that, I should actively discuss and share the problems in a forum such JavaRanch. I hope I can manage to get good score for this exam. Just wait and see.